How to descale a kettle (or any other appliance)…with vinegar

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How to descale a kettle with vinegar

Please, please don’t waste your money, or contribute to unnecessary packaging, by buying any descaling product ever again!  I want to show you how you can descale a kettle, or any other appliance with one simple ingredient…vinegar.

Here is a very scummy, limescale filled kettle:

Then I simply poured in about 1-2 cups of white vinegar and enough water to cover the limescale.  I put the kettle on and waited until the mixture started heating up and fizzing (it doesn’t need to boil) and then left it for about 10-15 minutes.

This is the result:

A sparkly kettle which cost only pennies to clean and no harmful chemicals!  Just wash out well and then enjoy your next cup of tea, scale free!

You can leave the mixture in the kettle overnight without boiling, but I don’t see the point in that when you can speed up the process with heat.  You can use the same principle with irons, coffee machines, sterilisers, and any other appliances that suffer from limescale build up.  Just run through the mixture of vinegar and water.

Washing machines and dishwashers can also benefit from reduced limescale using vinegar.  I use vinegar as a fabric softener and as a rinse aid, so my appliances are constantly getting a good clean.

Vinegar is also great to use for limescale on taps or surfaces.  You need to soak rags or cloths in vinegar and then wrap around the tap base and leave overnight or as long as it takes to dissolve the scale.  For the tap itself, try taking a jar or pot, filling with vinegar, and then suspending under the tap with a tea towel, or other form of ‘bandage’!  I have heard that lemon juice works very well also, and you can just cut a lemon in half, and then squidge it onto the tap until it stays in place.

I also have a batch of citric acid which I have used for descaling in the past which works brilliantly when used in appliances which heat up the water, but I’ve found less effective when used cold.